Jungle Quest Pitch

This is the initial concept document Andy wrote for his Jungle Quest players.

Do You Crave Thrilling Action!

Are you Ready for Danger at Every Turn?

Welcome to… JUNGLE QUEST!

JUNGLE QUEST is an exciting limited-series, limited-resource campaign in the spirit of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the classic adventure Isle of Dread and the recent MEGADUNGEON campaign. It takes place on a deadly tropical island filled with venomous serpents, rampaging dinosaurs, and tribes of devious kobolds.

YOU are a team of adventurers who have come to the island in search of a priceless treasure. You must rely on the equipment you’ve brought with you, along with whatever else you can find or make along the way.

BUT WAIT! You’re not the only ones looking for this fabled treasure, so you’ll also race against enemies and rivals, such as the sinister warriors of the Emerald Claw or the holy zealots of the Platinum Circle, who would stop at nothing to steal the reward that’s rightfully yours!




These prizes and more await those with the courage, skill, and grit to risk their lives in… JUNGLE QUEST!

An adventure for character levels 3-6

Dungeon Master: Andy Collins

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